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KravHIIT Martial Arts and Fitness Academy

475 Northridge St., Unit A
Rincon, Georgia 31326
United States

(912) 480-7804

Head Instructor Thomas Griffin

Thomas Griffin has been involved in the martial arts and fitness industry for over 40 years. His training in the martial arts began as a young child when he and his friend started together at the age of 7. After one week of training it became apparent to the head instructor that he had a gift for this and moved him to the adult class where he quickly had to learn how to handle himself against much older and larger opponents. Below you will see a list of his experience and certifications:
*Filipino Kali / Jeet Kune Do Full Instructor under Pete Jacobs (original inner circle Bruce Lee student)
*Muay Thai Instructor
*Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt under Jean Jacques Machado (10+ years)
*Krav Maga Black Belt
*Lead Tactics Instructor & Team Field Medic for US Fugitive Agency – Retired
*Assistant instructor at numerous law enforcement arrest and control seminars
*Certified MMA Conditioning Coach (MMACA)
*Certified Muay Thai Fitness Coach
*CrossFit Defense (S.P.E.A.R.) Trainer
*Coaching CrossFit since 2006
*CrossFit Affiliate owner since 2006 (CrossFit Chatsworth)
*CrossFit Nutrition, Whole9 nutrition certified
*CrossFit Striking Trainer
*CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer
*USAW Weightlifting Coach (sport performance)
*CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
*CrossFit (RKC) Kettlebell Trainer
*CrossFit Mobility Trainer
*CrossFit Running (POSE) / Endurance Trainer
*CrossFit Goal Setting
*CrossFit Certified Judge
*CrossFit L1 Trainer
*Certified FitRanX Instructor
*FitRanX Level 4 Athlete
*Spartan SGX Coach
*TRX Certified Suspension Trainer
*Certified Battling Ropes Coach
*Certified Metabolic Conditioning Coach
*Certified Figure and Physique Transformation Coach
*1st Phorm Legionnaire Athlete
*Certified Underground Strength Coach